Vital Concepts


Nowadays, due to modern technology, it is extremely easy to miss out on genuine human connection. However, studies have found that the lack of a support system can be of great detriment to our health! And it’s not just about quantity either, QUALITY relationships are much more important.⠀
Straight from @markhymanmd‘s newsletter: “What’s been found, so far, is that social stress is particularly linked to changes in the expression of genes involved in innate immunity and antiviral response. Social stress is also very strongly linked to the way our bodies manage inflammation, which is a major risk factor for chronic disease. When subjects are exposed to social rejection, such as losing a job or being broken up with, they test for lower levels of glucocorticoid receptor alpha (which downregulates inflammation).” ⠀
We already know how difficult it is to heal when our bodies are inflamed, so if we can combat the flame by surrounding ourselves with a support system of individuals who boost our vibration, I 100% support this!! Focus on creating QUALITY relationships with other individuals, and you will find a wonderful increase in the QUALITY of your life!⠀
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