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Holographic Sound Preview & Summer Solstice Concert

June 21 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join us at Holographic Sound Preview & Summer Solstice Concert Experience.

Join Dr. Paul IN PERSON in St. Louis, Missouri.


TESTIMONIAL:  “Paul’s work with sound vibration is awesome. His toning and crystal bowl music sends you right into spirit – healing tones that delight the body and soul.”


The Summer Solstice celebrates the longest day of the year and beginning of Summer. The Solstice has been a festival of community sharing, planetary service and a grand tribal gathering since ancient times honoring God/Goddess, Mother Earth and the Sun. This Sacred Sounds Experience will enhance your Mind, Body and Soul. It’s the perfect and powerful time to focus on Spirit to harmonize, heal and manifest in your life, as planted seeds of intention are coming to fruition. Mother Earth’s energy empowers us to bring about our desired changes while manifesting our intentions. So immerse yourself through the power of Holographic Sound, in Divine Energy and Unity consciousness! In doing so your energy centers, your physical, mental and emotional bodies are filled with Light, Love, Joy, Health and Harmony! As we intend and manifest Love, Joy and Peace within, Mother Earth and all of Humanity responds accordingly and resonates in Love, Gratitude and Balance! We are Blessed!!!


As You Imagine & Intend… IT BECOMES SO! Create with the intention of Love and soar with the Angelic & magical vibrations of Sound!  RESERVE YOUR SPACE FOR THIS SOUND CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE!




Holographic Soud
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