Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

What is a sacred cacao ceremony?

A sacred cacao ceremony is a deeply spiritual and ritualistic practice that centers around the consumption of ceremonial-grade cacao, which is pure, unadulterated cocoa in its raw form. Sacred cacao ceremonies vary in style and intensity, depending on the facilitator, tradition, and purpose. They are not only about the cacao itself but also about the intention, community, and spiritual connection that it fosters. These ceremonies are often deeply personal and transformative, offering participants a chance to connect with themselves, others, and the natural world in a profound way. Drawing upon her Indigenous Mexican-American ancestry, Dr. Charlotte hosts spirit-led ceremonies in individual and group settings.

Where is the cacao sourced from?

Dr. Charlotte incorporates Keith’s Cacao, a ceremonial-grade cacao sourced from the heart of Guatemala, in all of her ceremonies. Dr. Charlotte has found that this particular cacao brand stands out in a truly unique way from any she has encountered before. With every sip, one can unmistakably sense the immense love poured into each brick of cacao and feel reconnected to the world around them.

Learn more about Dr. Charlotte’s journey with cacao here: Keith’s Cacao Blog.

How will cacao affect me?

Ceremonial cacao communicates with everyone individually based on what their body needs in the moment. You may experience a variety of sensations, feelings, and emotions during a ceremony or you may simply feel “lighter” than when you came in. Once you sign up for a private session or group event, you’ll receive an email with pre/post ceremony guidelines to help ease you into the details of what to expect. After you have reviewed the forms, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Charlotte should you have any questions or concerns. In many cases, a smaller dose of cacao may be suitable. 

What are the benefits of drinking cacao?

The short and long-term benefits of cacao can make a huge impact on your overall life! While this is not an extensive list, partaking in ceremonial cacao can allow you to: 

1. Elevate Your Mood: Savor the rich, velvety goodness of cacao as it triggers the release of endorphins, the natural mood enhancers. Unwind and let the enchanting aroma and exquisite flavor of cacao elevate your spirits, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

2. Boost Your Energy Naturally: Bid farewell to sluggish afternoons and welcome sustained vitality. Cacao, a powerhouse of natural energy, provides a gentle lift without the jitters. Say goodbye to artificial stimulants and embrace the invigorating magic of cacao for a sustained and natural energy boost.

3. Nourish Your Body and Mind: Immerse yourself in the nutritional embrace of cacao, laden with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Fuel your body with the goodness it deserves, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Cacao isn’t just a treat; it’s a wellness ritual for your body and mind.

How do I sign up for a ceremony?

Be sure to check Dr. Charlotte’s booking link for private one-on-one offerings and group events. If you’d like Dr. Charlotte to host a cacao ceremony for a private event at your home, workspace or retreat, please contact her directly to discuss the details and pricing.