7 Foods That Fight Inflammation

7 foods that fight inflammation.png

We all know that the majority of the typical American diet is HUGELY inflammatory. So how can we combat the flame? Here are 7 foods that fight inflammation:
1] Avocados⠀
2] Turmeric⠀
3] Salmon⠀
4] Leafy Greens⠀
5] Blueberries ⠀
6] Ginger⠀
7] Bone Broth⠀
These 7 foods are packed full of heathy omega-3s and anti-oxidants!! I encourage you to make them all staples in your weekly menu to help combat inflammation caused by toxic, chemical, mental, and physical stress.
Are you curious about your current state of inflammation? In addition to the natural healing benefit of chiropractic adjustments, I also commonly run blood work with my functional medicine patients to check inflammatory markers that could be influencing their body’s ability to heal!!
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