6 Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing Sunscreen

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I know many of my patients are looking for healthier alternatives when it comes to skin care. Here are a few ingredients to avoid when choosing the best sunscreen option to help lower your toxic burden!
[1] OXYBENXONE – acts like estrogen once it enters your bloodstream, disrupting your endocrine system, reducing sperm production, and potentially causing endometriosis⠀
[2] OCTINOXATE – also disrupts the endocrine system by mimicking hormonal activity that can affect the reproductive system & thyroid gland⠀
[3] RETINYL PALMITATE – when exposed to sunlight, it has been shown to speed development of malignant cells & skin tumors because UV rays cause the compound to break down & produce free radicals⠀
[4] HOMOSALATE – disrupts hormone balances & can accumulate in your body faster than your liver can detoxify it, increasing your toxic burden⠀
[5] OCTOCRYLENE – produces free radicals that can cause mutations & damage cells when exposed to UV rays⠀
[6] PARABENS – disrupts hormone functions, potentially increasing risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity⠀
Our bodies are amazing in the fact that they are naturally designed to detox harmful chemicals, but when our toxic load is beyond our capabilities, that’s when symptoms result! Be aware of what you put on and in your body at all times!⠀
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